Researching the lives of the women in our book has been so rewarding and has been a project we have been so proud of, as we have recovered these women’s lives from obscurity. Whilst our book focuses on a huge selection of important women in Brighton & Hove, we have included a snap-shot of some of these women on our website who achieved above and beyond for their time – such as Mercedes Glietze who was the first woman to swim the channel, Helena Normanton who was the first woman to have a passport in her name or Dorothy Stringer who had a school named after her. All of these women have fascinating stories to tell, which we hope you will enjoy reading!

The last 50 years has been a golden age for Women’s History research but there is still work to do. If you know of other women we should be researching we welcome your ideas.

A list of our notable women can be found here:

Mary Hare 1865 – 1945

Muriel Margaret Hart MBE 1924 – 2023

Mary (Molly) Attfield Paley 1893 – 1974

Dr Louisa Martindale 1872 – 1966