Brighton & Hove Women’s History Group is dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and researching the contribution of women to Brighton & Hove’s history. So many women have been forgotten over time and their stories have never been told. As part of our work, we delve into the lives of these women, looking at who they were and how important they were to the fabric of our society. It is very important to us that we not only preserve their memory – but that we share our findings with as many people as possible, to raise awareness of these fabulous women.

A lot of our research work has led to important campaigns such as plaque unveilings and statue fundraising. We are proud to support the on-going Mary Clarke Statue campaign, where we hope to see her statue unveiled in Brighton. In addition to our own research, we are proud to support other notable women’s research groups, in particular the Mapping Womens Suffrage organisation who identify and map the locations of the Votes for Women campaigners across the UK.

In 2022 we published our book ‘Women of Brighton & Hove – An Anthology’. The book gives a snapshot of the lives of some of the women connected with Brighton & Hove and is available to purchase from the group. We have published extracts of a selection of the women from the book on our Notable Women section and hope you find their stories as interesting as we do! The last 50 years has been a golden age for Women’s History research but there is still work to do. If you know of other women we should be researching we welcome your ideas.

Our information & events page shares with you some of our findings, along with important podcasts, talks, seminars and fund raising missions. We hope you find the information interesting, and would love to hear from you if you have stories to share.