In 2018, as part of the celebrations of the centenary for partial Women’s Suffrage, the Brighton and Hove Women’s History Group was formed. The aim of the group is to raise awareness of the contribution women have made to the history & culture of Brighton and Hove over the years. We also want to challenge sexism and prejudice against women. As a group, we all have an interest in women’s history and want to uncover some of the hidden women in Brighton & Hove, in particular working-class women.

Two of our members with the Mayor & Mayoress of Brighton, at the unveiling of the plaque for Elizabeth Robins, actress and author, and renowned physician, Dr Octavia Wilberforce.

We meet at The Regency Town House to discuss important historical women and have a large programme of activities throughout the year, ranging from fundraising initiatives, events, important celebrations, and promotion of the group. We also hold talks and presentations on a variety of women focused topics such as suffrage and second wave feminism. A lot of our work is published in many local publications, like the excellent article about the Mary Clarke Statue Campaign written by one of our members, Marian Bance, that appears in the October edition of Preston Pages. Please look out for it around the city. In addition, we also have strong links with other prominent Brighton Women and organisations such as Louise Peskett, author of The Fearless and Fabulous, have links with The Women’s History Network, and hold talks with local schools, promoting our research and educating the young women of today about the history of these amazing women!

We are proud of the research we carry out and in 2022 published our book ‘Women of Brighton & Hove – An Anthology’. Visit our Notable Women section to read extracts of these fabulous women! We welcome people of all ages to join our group – so if you would like to know more about us and how you can get involved, please email us on